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Hotel rooms

Valamar Isabella Hotel

Tower rooms

Valamar Isabella castle


Valamar Isabella Villas

With Kashruth supervision of
  Rabbi Eliezer Wolf
Rabbi and AB”D
of Amsterdam and its’ districts

The highlight of the holidays organized
by the Levkovitz family is culinary extravagance
A higher level of meals was
served during the trip.

Once again, we made sure
to choose only the best,
and brought together the best chefs
To provide you with a particularly indulgent taste experience …

Mehadrin Glatt Kosher

The beaches

Five different swimming beaches are spread throughout the entire island

The swimming pools

A freshwater activity pool and a children’s pool

The spa

Water equipment

water slides

Water slides and attractions for children

City of children

A children’s club with activities around the clock

sports equipment

Basketball courts, tennis tables, running tracks and more …


Venice, a city in northeastern Italy, is the capital of the Veneto region. The city is located in Laguna-a
The Bay is closed on


Plitvice Lakes – a famous national park and tourist attraction.
Since 1979, the park has been officially recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The park is known for its many spaces, especially for its largest, called “Veliki Slap” as well as “Galovacki Buk” waterfall.


Rovigno is a city located on the coast of the Istrian Peninsula of Croatia,
resting on the Adriatic Sea.

The ancient part of Robinho is located on a tiny peninsula.
The city itself is a popular tourist attraction, with an active fishing port.
Rovinio also has a historical research center established by the European Union.


Postojna, a city in north-west Slovenia,
Located 35 km from Trieste, Italy

It is the capital of the Nutranjsko-kraska region, as well as the Postojna district.
The city lies on the Pivka River, with Postojna Cave located nearby.
It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Slovenia.


Lake Bohinj

Bohinjsko jezero

Lake Bohinj is the largest permanent lake in all of Slovenia. Positioned in the Bohinj valley of the Julian Alps in North Slovenia, the lake is fed by the Savica stream, descending from the mountaintops partly by means of a   waterfall.
 At its other end, the lake outflows into the Sava Bohinjka river- one of the two rivers that create the Sava river.
 The Bohinj is a glacial lake, and is a popular tourist and water sports site.

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